Jan 29, 2010

Chinese Tattoo Meanings, Symbol, Word Translation

More people choose Chinese tattoos as body decoration. What appeal to them the most are the tattoo meanings. Although online Chinese translation is handy and easy to use, they create many problems.

Accurate Chinese Tattoo Meaning, Avoid Dictionary

Chinese is a complex language. To use a slightly different Chinese symbol can sometimes throw the tattoo meaning completely off. It has variations and nuances that often perplex non-native speakers.

Jan 24, 2010

Montreal Chinese Tattoo, Asian Writing Designs

Ngan Siu Mui is a top Chinese writing designer in Montreal. She offers services in Asian writing tattoos, Asian words and tattoo translation.

Jan 21, 2010

Do Chinese Letters Tattoos, Chinese Alphabet Really Exist?

I have heard the term Chinese letters tattoos a few times. My first reaction is puzzle. Do they exist? Other related phrases include Chinese lettering tattoo, alphabet, and the like.