Jan 29, 2010

Chinese Tattoo Meanings, Symbol, Word Translation

More people choose Chinese tattoos as body decoration. What appeal to them the most are the tattoo meanings. Although online Chinese translation is handy and easy to use, they create many problems.

Chinese Tattoo Meanings, Free Translation

Free Chinese translation is a popular tool that people use for tattoos with meanings. With free online translation, they can find the words for their custom design. Suppose you find the word for your zodiac sign ‘chicken’. That makes sense except that the word ‘chicken’ alone has little meaning. Worse than that, this Chinese symbol relate primarily to food and consumption (i.e, chicken soup, chicken stock, or KFC fried chicken). To a Chinese literate person, this ‘chicken tattoo’ is funny. Such a meaning rarely impresses anyone. Unfortunately, your free translation does not tell you this. This is precisely the problems with automatic word generator and dictionary.
Tattoos meaning gone wrong is often the consequences of free Chinese translation. Automatic word generator, Chinese font, or symbols for internet download can be problematic. Avoid these problems by hiring an expert.

Chinese Tattoo Meaning, Word / Symbol Translation 

Chinese is an elusive language in that you need to follow its rules to render the right meanings. Otherwise, the meanings fall apart. Some words like ‘life’, ‘passion’, ‘freedom’ must be translated to two Chinese symbols. Many people find this confusing. To them, one word for one symbol, isn’t that right? They ask me if they should choose one of the two symbols. My answer is No. You need to use both symbols to convey the right tattoo meaning. Your online translation or other free language programs do not guarantee accuracy of your tattoos. They create problems since they ignore context and relevancy. Even worse, they can ruin your otherwise thoughtful meanings.
To get a proper tattoo meaning, seek help from a Chinese expert. Hire someone who is proficient in  translation. An expert can truly help you find the best words, saying, phrase, or proverb for ink designs.

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