Jan 29, 2010

Accurate Chinese Tattoo Meaning, Avoid Dictionary

Chinese is a complex language. To use a slightly different Chinese symbol can sometimes throw the tattoo meaning completely off. It has variations and nuances that often perplex non-native speakers.

Tattoo Meaning, Chinese Dictionary

Today, people are fascinated with tattoo meanings. Many seek Chinese dictionary or online word generator for Asian designs. However, did you know that dictionary is not always reliable? It can turn your tattoos meanings to nonsense or hocus-pocus. For instance, Britney Spears had a Chinese ink that she thought meant ‘mysterious’. However, the actual meaning is ‘strange’. Suppose you pick some cool looking Chinese symbols from an ink parlor, and assume that they mean ‘loyalty’. In reality, you can’t be certain if those symbols have the intended meaning. Perhaps, they mean the ‘heart’ without the loyalty component. I am sure you don’t want that. To get accurate translation, you should hire a Chinese expert.

Accurate Tattoo Meanings, Avoid Chinese Dictionary

To get tattoos with accurate meaning, you should hire a professional, like a Chinese expert. Avoid Chinese dictionary and free internet translation. If you want an ink design with the zodiac sign ‘chicken’, a Chinese expert would add a prefix like the word ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ to the ‘chicken’. This is crucial because it gives a proper context to your zodiac tattoo. Now your ink will have a proper meaning.
In all, if you want tattoos with great meaning, seek help from a Chinese expert. Get someone who fully understands English and Chinese, and is adept at translation for writing or word designs. A Chinese expert becomes indispensable if you want custom tattoos with a phrase, saying or philosophical saying. Don’t try to be the expert yourself. The consequences can be less than impressive.

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  1. A great video that is really well done and tasteful. The first picture of the tattoo on the shapely leg and foot in the FM shoes is a beautiful start to the video. Overall the video shows that small symbol Chinese tattoos are very sensual on women and discrete and purposeful on men. I hope more people start ordering these from Ngan Siu Mui!