Jan 21, 2010

Do Chinese Letters Tattoos, Chinese Alphabet Really Exist?

I have heard the term Chinese letters tattoos a few times. My first reaction is puzzle. Do they exist? Other related phrases include Chinese lettering tattoo, alphabet, and the like.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos, Funny Name

To me, Chinese lettering tattoo sounds funny. At first, I thought it has something to do with breakfast cereals in alphabet. However, as I see the terms more often, I begin to realize that they are indeed a ‘misnomer’, wrong name. There is a misconception about Chinese words. Perhaps westerners do not understand it.

Chinese Alphabet, Letters, Characters, Writing Systems

Some people talk about Chinese letters or alphabets. This is wrong, as there are no such things. Letters or alphabets belong to the occidental writing systems. They are used for western languages. In China, the written language is based on characters. Each character or word can represent a physical object, abstract idea or pronunciation. Chinese is one of the world’s oldest languages. The symbols or signs that are used to represent the language are known as characters, or Han characters (words).
In the past, tattoo was limited to Old School style like the sailors. Today’s ink is exciting. Many popular designs incorporate Asian words, writing or script styles. Chinese words are particularly hot. Asian script writing designs express individuality, style, and glamour. Did you know that every day, there are about 6,000 internet searches for the term “Chinese tattoo”?

Chinese Letters, Alphabet Tattoos

In all, any search for Chinese alphabet or letter tattoos is but futile. They simply do not exist. If you intend to ink your body in Asian designs, look for Chinese symbols, writing, script or just word. In fact, calligraphy tattoo is even better. It is aesthetic writing based on handwriting styles.

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